Can't find how to define SCSA Tier 3 match on Android and other SCSA Issues

I probably missed this, but we hosted the Area 1 Steel Challenge Championships here in Missoula, and were unable to define the match as a Tier 3 match on our Samsung tablets or on In order to get the Awards report I had to sync to my iPad then edit the match level. Both iPad and all Android devices are using latest software versions.

We also had an issue where 39 of 233 competitors had no USPSA/SCSA numbers after the import using the PS PIN. After manually entering the numbers we did an “Update Classifications” and 23 random competitors had “No Class” as their classification. While I might agree with that assessment for a couple of my friends, it did cause their results to be suppressed until we corrected the entries.

The match can be found here: Home | PractiScore



a couple of things.
When I look at the match now with both iOS and Android all the shooters have valid classifications. (obviously fixed now) But on both app types, there are still 7 shooters wit no member number.
As often happens for big matches folks get their classification or membership done/updated at the last minute. SCSA normally updates classifications/memberships on a weekly basis. So it could be almost 2 weeks before someones last minute “fix” of membership or classification shows up. Having 10% of the shooters messed up is not surprising.

The match tier level issue, I also do not see in the android app but is working on iOS.
I am sure that @euxx Eugene will take a look at it when he sees this.


The android app indeed does not have match level selection for SCSA. I’m going to address that in the PractiScore 2.0 line of work.

Though I was under impression that the PractiScore web site had the match level selection option when SCSA export file was generated…

Hi D.J.
Thanks for the reply. All of the competitors had valid classifications and USPSA numbers prior to the PIN download. I download the complete registration to an Excel spreadsheet to create a sign-in/waiver sheet, squad lists along with a random drawing list.
The USPSA numbers disappeared on the Master android tablet after the download. In the case of the “No Class” there seemed to be no pattern as to the competitors, since they all were listed on as everything from U on up to G.

Thanks again,

Thanks Eugene, does let me select the tier level when I prepare the file for upload to, but I was looking for the Awards Report in Android to help us with plaques and certificates.
I’ll look forward to Practiscore 2.0.



In my experience the “No Class” for the case you described is usually when competitors renew their membership at a different level, between the time that they register and when you pull the match. Typically it is going between A <-> TY <-> FY. When someone goes from an annual to a three year membership, they usually don’t update their number in each match that they have registered (or for that matter, they sometimes don’t remember to start using the new prefix). Update classifications in android treats this as a no match and will give “No Class”. The IOS version used to fix this when doing update classifications, but I don’t use that anymore. When they convert to lifetime membership, that usually causes a hiccup also. I typically look them up on the USPSA (or SCSA) site under club resources, the registration information is only as good as what the shooters enter when they register. It would be kind of nice if there were no prefixes that cause this issue, but I don’t see that changing - so I just deal with it. For a large match, the number of people that renew membership and change levels is probably consistent with your 23 out of 233.

Warren Harper