Can’t see all my recent matches

I can’t see all of my recent matches from the list. At least 6 of the most recent are gone.

Hi Arnold,
It seems that your dashboard shows 32 past matches.
Can you give us the names of matches that could be missing?
Have you made any changes to your account or your PS email?


Please see the matches missing. I didn’t make any changes. All I did is click to view all of my matches.

Illinois Sectional
West Liberty
Iowa Sectional
Ohio Sectional
Wisconsin Sectional
NPCCC Special Match

I’d like to confirm the email you are using? I asked above if you had made any changes.
The first match you mentioned, the Illinois Sectional, you are registered NOT with your Practiscore email. but with an old outlook email. How is this happening?
I need info on when you made changes and what you changed so we can help you.