Can State be added to results?

I use PractiScore for SASS, Cowboy Action Shooting. Is there a way to include the shooters state in the printed results. Doing a State Match we need to know the shooters state. I have read the other post saying to add it to category fields but we need that field also. There are a limited number of columns in the results report. Thanks

You can customize the registration form to include a single line text field for the competitor to include their state abbreviation.

If you are using an Android device to score etc, there are two fields in the edit shooter screen, next to SASS#, “Region” and “State” both of which will appear in the “Region” column in Combined and Division reports. These fields are free text so you can put in whatever you like. (Which is good if you are not in the US :slight_smile: )
If you are using iOS, you can only choose a US state in the shooter details but unfortunately it does not print that out in the results.

@Karen_Bell btw, the category field is a multiple choice. You can have a state and something else selected in it.