Can incomplete/incorrect download of match to primary tablet cause a problem later?

At recent match after squad assignment/deletion no shows, penalties adjusted, etc the MD then sync the secondary tablets from the primary tablet. Changes were applied to all secondary tablets. When he went back to home screen on secondary tablets his match was not posted but one from a completely different match. What was odd is that all seemed in order during registration/squadding etc when tweaking primary tablet; right names registered fm Practiscore, all stages setup with penalties. Everything was good to go until last step. Any idea what might have happened or not?

So my first question would be was that the only match on the scoring tablets? Was he looking at a different match? If you are syncing the scoring tablets from the master device it’s impossible to grab a totally different match from somewhere else. :man_shrugging:

The only time the android app does not switch to the new/current match is when Apply button wasn’t tapped on the sync screen.

In any case you can verify on the match list screen and at the top of the main screen which match is current on a given tablet.

No, the match that appeared and not overridden was club match from Nov 22d, not today’s match of Nov 28th. Our club uses same master tablet for six different matches none of which are the same. I was not present to observe when MD downloaded match to primary tablet from Practiscore website. What I think happened was inexperienced MD make a mistake downloading match from Practiscore website to master tablet and the error continued. Lucky us the club’s unofficial Practiscore guru was present, didn’t understand why it happened but fixed it somehow. MD was able to then successfully sync secondary tablets from master tablet and we proceed on. I will ask guru what he did/'didn’t do so more than one person will know what went on and how to avoid in future. More on this if/when I find out from guru as he is not forthcoming sometimes on Practiscore or doesn’t share lesson’s learned.

Yes, after tapping Apply changes button the MD did verify at top of match (home??) screen and noticed the incorrect match/date. That’s when the confusion started. i won’t be able to add more until I inquiry from out club’s Practiscore guru what he thinks went on or did to fix the situation. More news in a couple of weeks after next match.

Another possibility.

The tablet’s ip addresses could change since last time sync was used (wifi hotspot gives addresses for some limited period of time, unless static ip addresses are assigned on wifi router).

So, what he thought was his master tablet actually could have been some other tablet.

It helps to name tablets uniquely (on the sync screen you can set each tablet name) and also use Refresh button at the top of the sync screen to update lost of saved tablets/sync codes before doing first sync at the beginning of the day.

Also verify sync code used to pull match from master tablet with what is shown on the master.