Can I set up a custom Comstock match/stage

I am new to this page but have been using PS for a while now. I would like to set up a “match” that uses Comstock/Virginia scoring but is not USPSA/IPSC type. A specific example:

Stage 1:
1 target
9 strings
Virginia = specified number of shots, in this case 40.
Maximum points = 200
Multiply the index by 20 to get the score.

Example: 180 points / 34.5 sec = 5.21 index multiplied by 20= 104.3

104.3 is the score I would like to see displayed for that shooter for that stage.

Is this type of flexibility possible and how would I go about doing it? I have tried the different match types available but did not see how to do this. Thanks in advance for your help.

@Steve_Havey what you described is not how Comstock/Virginia scoring work. They both are based on the best HF for a given stage.

Thanks, I would still like to set up a stage using the scoring method I described. If that is not Comstock/Virginia that’s OK, I would still like to set it up using the scoring I described. Is that possible in PS?

Btw, my understanding is that HF is the term USPSA and IPSC use for the way they have implemented Comstock scoring.

I don’t recall any existing sports (including those supported in the PractiScore apps) using anything like that.