Can I link multiple Stripe accounts for different matches?

I already have a stripe account set up for matches. I was wondering if there is a way to set up multiple stripe accounts for different matches? In this particular case, I want to put a specific stripe account for our Charity Match, since the Charity will be handling payments with their own EIN as a non-profit.

And, in the case of an llc shift, how would I even go about changing stripe accounts in the first place? The UI is too confusing, and anything associated with stripe disappears after initial signup.

Unfortunately, you can’t link multiple accounts to different matches unless you set up under a different club and then link one stripe account to each club.

Easiest way to do that is to set up a separate, limited use club - like “Charity matches at XYZ Club.” The charity will need a Stripe account. Add the person who manages the stripe account for the charity as “help to manage” the club under club settings. They input all the info required from Stripe to collect fees. You can either leave the finance person as a co-manager (how it works with Memorial 3Gun) or delete the person as a manager after the financial info is complete (how it worked for Task Force Dagger). Either way, you let them know when refunds or other adjustments are required via email.

Also - do not collect the money under your club account. It will seriously complicate your taxes.