Can I add my Category and Number to a Score that is incomplete?

I shot today and they have us fill out on paper the category and IDPA number but it doesn’t get into the score on practice score, can this be fixed?

Today (5-21-23)


My category is Lady and IDPA # A1024009. It would be nice to have all these scores in the dashboard and with my category.


TRPC IDPA Mar 19, 2023 is missing the member number and category

This one has them TRPC IDPA Feb 19, 2023 but it still didn’t show up on my dashboard. [email protected] *I asked before about this one and they said the email might be wrong but it is correct.

All matches are run and managed by the club and the match director that host it.
When practiscore do not control anything having to do with each match.
To have any changes or modifications made to an existing or past match you will need to contact the club and or match director and ask them to make those changes then repost the results.
As far as matches showing up on your dashboard. It all depends on how you registered for that match, how the match director imported and or treated that match. There are a number of things that could keep it from showing up in your dashboard most are not necessarily traceable or repairable.

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