Can I add a penalty to an NRL22 stage? Also make this a timed stage?

I’m adding 3 bonus rounds for our next NRL22 match-I am incorporating some Rimfire Challenge steel targets for this stage as an introduction to that shooting sport and I want to be able to deduct 5 points if a shooter misses a target.
Anyways I’m adding a photo of the stage I have in mind-

Hi Gary,

You can enter negative values for the stage to record as penalties. However, you can only have 1 stage per match assigned as the tie breaker. So you won’t be about to turn on the time bonus for this bonus stage.


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Didn’t know about the time part…maybe this will be an unoficial bonus stage–really I am not expecting anyone to miss at 15 yards but you never know-thx levi

And just to clarify Gary, the NRL22 PractiScore template only allows 1 timed stage per match… So basically I’m saying, if you want to turn on the time portion for that stage, you would have to create a completely separate match in the tablet.

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no thx-we’ll make it fit the specs of the software

Just FYI. The Android app allows more than one stage with required time. On ios app you also might be able get around that by adding a timed stage from the “library” (e.g. mark another match with a timed stage as “stage library”).

There you go Gary. The Android developer found a Nintendo cheat code method lol!

When trying to mark more than 1 stage as timed, it just pulled it away from the other one. But when pulling a timed stage in from the stage library, it actually allowed both timed stages to exist in the match. :blush: