Calendar do not show past matches?

Hello Admins

I do plan to use the PractiScore calendar function as a “activity overview” over the saison.
I currently struggle to see calendar items in the past, is this by purpose or a bug ?

As an example, we did an IDPA classifier - set up as match - back in December, but today I do not see this match in the calendar by going back to December ?

This is the event back in December 2021

This is the current calendar view of the December 2021 (empty at the match date - Friday, 3th of December ?)

I believe you need to refresh the cache on your browser.
What purpose is going back int he calendar serving you? The calendar show registrations not past matches. When a match is complete it goes away.
In the screen below I am logged in under your account and this is the December calendar. So you have something going on in general with how you are attempting to view your dashboard.

In recent events your history stops after 9-11-21 match. Did you start using a different email? are you registering differently? are you positive the Matchs are posting with emails attached to registration?
Has anything changed on your end?


Hello D.J.

When you say that the match will be deleted from the calendar if it is completed, then the behavior is now clear for me.
I assumed that the calendar entries will stay, even the match is over - my fault.

Would it be a valid feature request that calendar entries could be stored by marking a flag for a certain time ?
I personally planned to use the club calendar entries to use it as a kind of “year-overview” what we as club did over time.

Well, the Calendar is primarily to show upcoming matches and their registration.
Keeping past matches on the calendar normally has no purpose.
Internally we have a feature request list and we can consider it sometime down the road.
Thank You.