Bulk export of previous shooters

Is there a way to bulk export all shooters from all previous club matches, or am I limited to exporting the shooters match by match?

Hi Jason! Are you talking about on the master tablet? Do you want to do it on the web site for matches? You can clone matches in the master and bring all the shooters from the previous over that way. Do you not want them have to register online for match?

From the website preferably. I want to rebuild the list of shooters that have participated in our club matches but would rather not go back to the individual matches over the years and export the shooter list, then try to rectify email addresses from the results, etc.

Basically what I want to do is export the “Manage Club Notes on all Shooters” info at minimum, but would prefer a per match output so I can also get the last date someone registered for a match (I can summarize myself via Excel)

There is no easy public way for you to merge/import all your past shooters.
To do it I would recommend downloading and merging all your big , past matches. Then you will need to cull through to remove duplicates. (if you sort them by name that should put dups next to each other and easy to remove)
That should give you a spreadsheet of most of your past competitors.

Jason - have most of your matches been done with online registration? In that case exporting to CSV, bringing into Excel, then doing a duplicate removal keyed off of e-mail address, would be tedious but doable.

It would be painful, but if you did it on each match going forward when complete (as I did with our matches for our mail list) then once you get caught up, it’s easy to maintain.

When the website team gets together next, I will discuss a web feature to do this consolidation automatically for a club’s online registrations as part of a way to more easily provide club e-mail list management. It would be relatively simple, but as with most software, simple ends up being harder than anticipated. (-:


The problem with past matches is that I only have links to the results, not the match dashboard, so I have to build the dashboard URLs manually for each match to get the shooter list AND their contact info. Once I get the full list of all past shooters in the time frame I want, post processing them is easy.

Since we don’t manage membership through PS, it would be an awesome feature if we could export all shooters through the “Other” tab similar to the existing “Manage Club Notes on All Shooters” tool. Even if that list was updated to include the most recent match and provided phone number, that would be wonderful.

I have no issues managing the data in Excel. I work in big data :slight_smile:

And having built, owned and maintained several websites in the past, I totally understand harder than anticipated. I appreciate the consideration of the feature.

Here is the easiest way to download online registered shooters. You will not get your walk-ons. I would think that over a fair number of matches you would capture almost all of the shooters except the ones that refuse to sign up online.

Doh, thanks for that. I didn’t even think about clicking that “total matches” link. Its still manual work to export, that is not too bad. Once i have the file I can write a script to extract the data

I’d still like to see the new feature though

I know this is an old thread but my question is similar i think. i am interested if there is a way to export all shooters in the tablet list, not online. I cannot find that on the tablet and it would be nice to do that, clean it up in excel and then bring it back into the tablet with the option to merge or replace the existing list. My club does most everything offline due to connection issues where i live, especially at the range.

hi @Robert_Johnson,

Are you using Android or iOS systems?

I personally use Android but the club has ipads.


You’ll have to have either data or wifi to send the file but once you do here’s steps to do it on either device:

On iOs, you can go into the Import/Export —>Email Match Export File or Export Registration to get the same csv file that you would from the website if you imported using the csv file instead of the pin.

On Android, you can go into the Import/Export ----> Export Match or Export Registration and email the file to yourself. This will give you the same csv file that you would get from the website too.

Those options only give you the info from the current match and i am aware of them. I want every shooter that is in the tablet database, not just the current match. Sorry, i thought i specified that.

As far as I know the only way you’ll be able to do that is if you combine all the matches you have on the tablet (they must all be the same scoring type though) and then export the file.

In Android app you can merge multiple matches into one. Then export from the merged match.

Interesting way to get the info. That will take some time but is doable, thanks.

It is a shame the program doesn’t have that functionality since it always comes up with all previous shooters when doing a new match. That means there is a data file with the info somewhere on the tablet but no way to collect the info separately. It really shouldn’t be that difficult to do.

Thanks all.

The local shooter cache is updated automatically when you import, sync or add shooters on device, so export is not needed.