Bug - Annuals Speed Shooting

The new Annuals report for speed shooting is a neat idea but I see an issue with the data. I see scores from this year (2021) listed under 2016 Atlanta. I see this in the competitor app. On the website, it’s too hard to read to verify as the HTML report is a frame and its very wide (column headers don’t word wrap) and very tall.
As an aside, I would love to see the frames go away and be able to see the HTML report frameless.

I accidentally posted two “WSSC Annuals” matches. One of them was broken. It should be fixed now.

It is less iframe, than website sets its own styles and table column headers are set with nowrap property. That is something only web crew could address.

If you want to get the html report. The Competitor app can also produce it. It is in the competitor’s entry menu on the comparison screen.