Best way to search for match(s)

What’s the best way to search for match(s) when one is unsure of exactly how the event is listed in Practiscore? Example to follow from another shooter;
I knew there was a steel challenge match in College Station this past week.

“College Station”, “Navasota”, “Steel”, “Texas” ALL failed.

The full title was:

CCI Area 4 Steel Challenge Championship

I did not know CCI was sponsor, or it was Area 4 (as opposed to Texas).

Not knowing key terms in title results in not finding anything. Is there a work around? My guess is search on location of event on map to zero in on the facility. And go from there. Or is there a smarter way to find a match. Especially if traveling and not knowing what clubs in area just find a match you want to attend.

Let’s close this topic. I found a search method by clicking the blue update location button from the Practiscore home page, moved to another state and started search there. All’s well as long as you know where you are or going. but that’s another topic for a different forum.