Automatically move to the next string - Steel Challenge

Steel Challenge match type.
Using the Special Pie Timer M1A2
Amazone Fire HD 10 11th gen 2021 edition.

how do I set the practiscore app to automatically go to the next string after current string is complete?

Special Pie timer uses button 1 to start time and button 2 to stop time.

String is shot. when I press button 2, the cursor remains on string 1.

This requires the score keeper to manually move the cursor for every string. If the RO and score keeper are experienced, this slows the match down a tad bit. Also sometimes fat fingers get in the way and a bit too much talking between RO and score keeper to make sure that the tablet is ready for the timer.

Sometimes this is desirable but sometimes we would like it to automatically move to the next string.

Is this something that we can configure the app to enable and disable this feature?

If not, can we please please request this feature? Would be a game changer.

P. S. I know the AMG does this already but idk if it’s a technical feature specifically for AMG timers.

Thank you for your hard work!

Currently there is no configuration in the app for this.
I will be reviewing this functionality for the PractiScore 2.0 apps.

Thank you Eugene.

Weirdly, I had a totally different special pie timer that functioned the way I requested with a fire hd 8 tablet. the new one that I just bought does not automatically move to the next string.

I was trying to figure out why not but I do not currently have access to the old timer and tablet. I just recall that with the older timer and fire hd 8, it did auto move… I wonder if it was a bug with the app or the timer had a different firmware.

Either way thanks for considering.