Auto Sync Mode doesn't show up on ipad

The Auto Sync Mode button disappeared about a month ago. Only last week i can’t find the stage tablets with the scan mode. I have to type in sync code for each tablet. I am using a newer ipad as the master and kindle fires as scoring pads. It all worked great up until recently.

Larry Harris

Hi Larry,
What is the current versions of the apps that you have on your tablets.
Numerous upgrades have been done with both platforms over the last week.



iPad version 1.730 (1)
Kindles version 1.6.51 (202010271851)



Are these the versions you had uploaded when you were having problems? These are the most recent.

Yes, and I tried it again this morning and it didn’t work.

When I first noticed it the kindles had 1.64, I’m not sure about the iPad. I try to keep the devices up to date. This all started like October 2nd.

I noticed the auto sync function left the iPad in mid August just before our major match. The scan function still worked so we were able to scan the 11 devices and sync as our match progressed.

Now the scan function will not find the devices. I have to type in the sync code for each device every time I leave and come back to the sync screen on the iPad (master).

I have tried this on my home WiFi, range WiFi, hotspot and none work. I’ve used all of these WiFi connections before with no problems.

Hope this helps.


I have a tech looking at it. Probably will be a few days.
I can tell you the the auto sync has been removed for now. It was very buggy and the only time it really worked well was for Iron sight Nats in 2018 when the developer ran it. One day it might be back when we have time to debug it.
The syncing is what we are looking at.