Auto Approve after Payment

We recently set up our Stripe account for match registration payments. We did a “test” match to see how everything works.

Is there an option to automatically approve to squad after Stripe payment is complete? or do I have to manually approve every individual before they can squad?

We have selected the “Require full payment at time of registration” and “Require payment and approval to squad”. The other two Squadding Requirements that are not selected are “Require only approval to squad” and “Allow squadding after registering – No approval or payment required” which both don’t appear to be what we are looking for, because neither one requires a payment.

Am I missing something? If I select “Allow squadding after registering – No approval or payment required” option, then payment would not be required to squad, overwriting our requirement for full payment at time of registration. Or am I understanding that wrong?

Thanks for any help you can provide.

You have to look at this step by step.
Step 1 is whether you require them to pay or not.
If you choose Yes then they cannot get into the match at all without paying.
THEN you are determining how they squad.
The Allow squadding after registering is all you need to worry about. Because of course the second statement “No approval or payment required” is void because of the first step. It only pertains if you allow registering without paying.
And if you were to do that, with some paying and some not, it is a crazy free for all and difficult for the MD to follow up on everything…

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Thank you. I had a feeling this was the case, but wanted to get it verified.

So I get the check boxes now, but how do you comp a shooter if they have to pay first before being allowed to register?

Example, we setup the day before, a few of the shooters come and spend all day helping setup.

How to they register if they don’t have to pay to shoot the match?

@Tom_Zuzik One of two ways, give your “setup crew” the Payment Bypass Link for the match. This will allow them to register without paying for the match. The other option would be for them to not register at all and you manually register them at registration the morning of the match or through the match director portal on the back-end of practiscore.

I suppose there is a 3rd option, but I don’t find it preferable…you could have them pay for the match and then refund them. This would be a bit more complicated and costly as Stripe will not refund the fees charged to the club for your refund.