Auto approval for club-members for events

I do use practiscore for Matches and also for our regular trainings, the trainings are setup as events with payment (we do charge our members by training).
As we are a growing club, I would like to automate the so far manual approval process.


  • Wish: A knob, where I can enable “automated approval for club-members” in the event setup

With such a combination, it would be possible to auto-approval authorized club-members to trainings (and my daily work in practiscore will become much smaller)

Hi Daniel, fir IDPA I use these two setting in the match setup to handle this;
Payment Options
. Check Require full payment at time of registration
. Check Allow squadding after registering – No approval or payment required

Maybe this will work for you.


Thanks for the idea. I will share that with the Web team for down the road.
Keep in mind that the membership section of the website is really a bare bones system. It’s not a full membership management program similar to what you could purchase. It allows you to offer discount for members but not all that much more.
But you never know where it will go.
Thanks again.

Hello Lief

Thanks for the idea.
I do not have the “check allow squadding after registering…” feature in the event section unfortunately.
This option is only available in the match settings, but not available for events.