Attempting to edit registration form and getting error message

Edited the registration form for a match. Trying to go back in and edit something else and receiving error code saying “Whoops, looks like something went wrong.”

Logged out and back in, same error. Had another log in and try, same code. Any ideas?

What club and match? I can take a look at it.

Club: Combat Shooting Team

Match: FY23 Marine Corps Marksmanship Competition Far East

It is fixed

Hi. I have just cloned and opened a new match. Was able to edit the new Match Name, time and date but cannot edit the Registration form name. I cant edit anything on the Registration form or rather it will not save. I get a red circle and the edits do not save. Tried to add a waiver and no luck

Which match did you clone from?
How old is the original match when the cloning began.
We recommend never cloning more than 2 months from the original.
I looked at it and yes it is acting funny.
These are the kind of problems cloning causes.
I suggest dumping this match and creating one from scratch. It will take you about 3 minutes.