Approve vs 'save and exit'

For USPSA matches, after a competitors score is entered, typically the shooter touches approve to affirm the score. In some cases if the competitor is not available to hit the approve button (maybe went to the safety area before approving), or the RM is called - you can still save and exit in order to continue running shooters. Is there a way to tell the difference between the RO backing out and hitting save and exit, as opposed to if the RO hits approve for the competitor? Both ways seem to be indistinguishable when I tried it on a scoring device.

We had some contention recently that the competitor claimed that they did not approve the score and that they did not hit the approve button and did not want to accept the score. I have seen that you can edit the score and present it to the competitor to approve, which will then be listed as a score edit. Just trying to figure out the best way to handle this situation that sometimes comes up. Thanks.

Hi Warren,
There is not a way to tell if the RO backed out and went back in or not.
The approve button is not the scoring people’s responsibility to hit it is the shooters. We always give the shooter the opportunity to hit the approve button but if they do not come to the scorer or they walk away or they go to do something else it is still their responsibility. We instruct our RO’s to attempt to get the shooter but not chase them down and if they choose to not approve then we approve to move the match forward.
The match does not stop to chase somebody down when it is their responsibility to find the score and approve their scores.

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