Another match missing from recent results

“Nampa IDPA March” shows in recent results list.
“Nampa IDPA May 8, 2021” does not.

Apparently a common problem giving other similar postings.

im having the same issue, last 2 weeks dont show up in recent results. ive tried on 2 different phones, and a desktop computer…

Please see the other threads that are talking about recent results/events there are some in-depth post from us about what is going on and how fast it will get fixed

Gentlemen on this thread. I need to know the exact name of the matches not showing up on your dashboard of recent.
Please refresh your browser before checking.
We are trying to track down what is wrong

Nampa IDPA May 8, 2021

In this match there is no email in your registration on the scoring tablet.
Please contact the Match Director and have them add your email in the master tablet then repost the results. the email in the match is how things track

Thanks DJ.
Will do.