Android vs. iOS, what are the differences

Is there post or list of differences between Practiscore iOS and Android versions?
I have always been Android user and now (due to some technical reasons) I have to use iPhone and iPad for some things. When I created new match and for it, I didn’t find squad rotation in iPad. When I synced to Android tablet, then I could add the squad rotation. Did some testing and synced back to iPad and from there to another Android and squad rotation was missing again. Versions were 1.7.11 for Android and 1.738 (10) for iPad and iPhone
Is there something else that is being stripped when using different platforms?
Is Android preferred platform for PractiScore?

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There are some differences and unfortunately we don’t have a complete list because currently those are two separate apps. If you are concerned with the differences, I’d suggest to stick to one platform for the time being.

However work is already being done to bring both apps to the common code, so this won’t be an issue. Though it will take few more month to complete this project.

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No problem. I was just wondering, if this has been discussed before. Another thing I found, was adding pictures to stages. It is much better in Android (possibility to add from OneDrive for example). Currently I would say that Android is bit ahead of iOS, but I’ll test bit more.

Cool, eh?! :slight_smile: