Android App - How to delete a target from a stage

How do you delete a target from the Android PractiScore App? I know that I can delete a stage, but I want to delete only a single target. I also know that I can delete one on the IOS app, but I don’t see how to do it on the Android app.

You should be able delete targets by at least the following two ways. Go to build stages and select the stage with the issue. Just edit the number of targets to be the correct number and it should be good to go. Or click edit on the same row as the number of targets, which brings up the modify targets screen. There you can long press the target number and it will bring up a pop-up that asks to delete the target. The second method is more specific, if you have NPM for specific targets - you can delete the right one. Our club has switched to the Android version for scoring and master, and we are real happy with it!

These are “PRS Targets”. There isn’t an ability to edit the number of targets, and this is probably not allowed for PRS targets as they can have different point values.

I was able to do a long press on the target number and then delete it. It might be better to have three dots for each of the targets as a means to access an option to delete it. I didn’t think to do a long press of the number.

I also noted that the “Edit Stage” page shows the correct number of targets as it doesn’t include the deleted target(s), but the “Stages” page includes the deleted target in the total targets.

The target is still shown but highlighted as being deleted, and I’d assume this is to address the potential of some squads shooting it and others not shooting it and to have the ability to reconcile potential sync use cases.

I probably assumed USPSA, because that is what I do as MD, and there are some differences. I tried a quick PRS match on my device and it seemed work correctly. However, I noticed there were some updates a while back for PRS matches for deleting targets. Any chance you are using an older version of Practiscore? The version I am on is 1.7.17.

I should add to this that deleting targets should be done with extreme caution, ESPECIALLY if you have iOS and Android devices in the mix.

For USPSA matches if you have simple target layout (e.g. no NPMs, and 2 hits each) in most cases, just changing number of targets should work. But if you really feel like deleting targets - ONLY delete ones at the end and edit other targets as needed.

Deleting targets in the middle most likely will mess up competitor’s scores if data go through any iOS device (a master or otherwise). It is an ancient bug that predates even my time with PractiScore, so it is basically a “feature” of the app. I will have to see if it could be addressed better for the next generation of the PractiScore apps.

Also note, that any scores already entered (regardless of the match type) can’t be automatically updated/corrected if you changed target configuration (e.g. edited number of NPMs, deleted targets in the middle)… Though deleting targets at the end should be okay. This also applies to PRS and some other match types.

Once scoring is started we can’t delete anything permanently (e.g. it is needed for sync purposes) and that’s why it is shown in the list of targets on the stage editing screens. Those deleted targets aren’t shown on the scoring screen.

PS: I put a fix for the stage list screen in the Android app to not include deleted targets in there.

Running version 1.7.16 and thanks for the background on deleting targets. That makes sense about making changes, especially deleting from the end. This is a test match for which I was doing some testing and training, and I’ll emphasize the importance of building the stages correctly.