Android Amazon Fire 7 sync fails to load image #4 of 5

I have sent e-mail to ‘[email protected]’ with same topic.

I have a strange problem to share. I have uploaded all of the attached JPG images into my Nov 14th match for Greene Rod and Gun Club. All 5 images load ok into Amazon Fire 7 android, 2017 edition as well as Samsung Galaxy J7 Crown when I “Get Match Registration” and use the match pin.

However, when I sync devices to my other Amazon Fire 7 Android devices, 4 of the 5 images load ok, but 4. Paul’s short, then long 14.jpg fails to load.

I will plan to use the match pin to import match into each and every tablet, but the down-side is that I need to “build stages” to enter the number of targets and strings for every tablet.

If someone has time, have a look at image 4 and see if there is something you notice different about it so that maybe I could not make same mistake in the future.

I answered your email. Here are couple points for everyone’s benefit.

NEVER use pin# on any devices besides master. Use pin# to bring match to a single master and then sync match to the rest of devices over wifi.

Images are being pulled right after you tap on “Accept Changes” for the match. So, you may need to stay on that screen for a few moments while images are being downloaded. There is a notification at the top of the screen with indication on that process.

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