Android 1.6.51 for IDPA

I am using the android app on the Fire tablet.
One is a problem and the other is inconvenient but not a big problem.
The problem is when scoring and you touch review and then approve, the screen changes but the ‘save’ button is not active until you touch the blank screen above it. This caused a delay last match while we figured out what to do. I don’t remember it being that way.

Ok, I just found out it is because you expect a signature (I touched the clear button). We don’t do that for local matches but we can work around that.

The inconvenient is when adding stages if you only have one popper it does not show on the build stage list where you nicely list the targets under the stage name. If you put 2 it does. This is not as useful as it might be.

@Lief_Rutzebeck check what does that “blank screen” with disabled “Save” button show at the title of the screen.

Your match has setting “Enable review signature” turned on. The blank screen that doesn’t allow you to save is actually waiting for you to scribble shooter’s initials (or a signature) and naturally that signature can’t be blank. You can disable review signature in the match settings screen.

I will fix this in one of the future app updates.

Thanks Eugene. I did have that 'review signature ’ checked. Unchecked now. I now notice some other options down there too that I have missed. Is there an explanation of what they do?

Some have (i) next to them that you can tap on.

The others… you have to give some specifics, which options are you referring to.

I looked them over again and they are pretty self-explanatory. Sorry for the hassle. Thanks for a great scoring system.