AMG Timer on steel challenge inputting 1st run into 2 run

Just started this weekend 'when using amg timer the 1st run is scored on run 2

tried 3 different tablets , 2 fire and one android. removed practiscore and reinstalled , still the same thing.
anyone else have that happen ?

@Rick_Hebert there are several factors in play and likely related how you are using your timer. I’m largely guessing based on the past experience.

The PractiScore app for Android is automatically moves to the “next” time field after the app receives indication that string is finished. This is done to avoid overwriting a previously entered times.

Now, you probably have BLE push enabled on the AMG timer, i.e. timer pushes all registered shots over Bluetooth but also pushes the “start” and “stop” messages for the entire string.

I’m guessing that you are not stopping the timer between strings (e.g. using any M, <, > buttons) and just using the GO button to start timer again.

The thing is that the timer sends the “stop” message to the app before sending the “start” one for a new string in case timer was still running. Note that timer has the “listening” indicator below the time.

I would recommend to turn of the BLE push option in the timer settings (see your timer manual for details) and you can also stop your timer at the end of the string.

I have been using this timer for 8 months now, 3 times a month and it has always worked correctly. This just started saturday and on a 10 inch fire tablet, we set the timer in a tripod and run it from the tablet. hold the clock until it displays the menu (start- stop-settings-cancel) tap start and when the string is finished tap the clock icon and instead of it entering the time on string 1 it enters on string 2 , after string 5 you select string 1 and after starting it enters the time there. It does this now on 2 fire tablets and one android one.

BLE is off

downloaded latest ver of practiscore in all 3 tablets

acts the same on all of them

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@Rick_Hebert there were no changes in the Android app for AMG timer support between 8 months ago and now.

Is there anything that could have changed in your stage process? OR could it be that your tablets had received the automatic Fire OS update from Amazon?

Anyways, I have this issue recorded to have a more detailed look at it.

1.7.14 (November 8, 2021)

  • Fixed issues reported by automated crash reporting system
  • Fixes for Android 11 and updated Google Play requirements
    ** Fixed issue with time string selection when using Bluetooth timer remote start*
  • Better handling of redirects when downloading match documents
  • Better handling of PDFs
  • NRA Action fixed importing stages from PractiScore website
  • ICORE fixed results when stage has no targets

@Rick_Hebert but yeah

how long will it take for it to be available on the play site

It took about half an hour.

when will it be available to download ?

I’m guessing - when it is ready. I’m seeing it on my account. You’d have to ask Google for more specifics when it will be available to you.