AMG Commander Shot Timer and Bluetooth Connection

Not sure if I’m in correct place. Just got Commander Shot timer. PS running on Samsung Note 4. Latest updates of OS installed. Got a connection at home in presence of home wireless net. Away from home and wireless, PS says “Wireless must be on”. Samsung wireless is on, and Bluetooth. Commander states bluetooth connectivity to PS. Why I bought. So my question, does PS ONLY connect via a local wireless network through a wireless router? Because if it direct connects via BT then I should not have a problem. Am I missing a setting in PS? There are no settings in the Commander. Should just work according to them.

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John, I’m not sure what is your question.

Have you tried to follow instructions for working with Bluetooth timers in PractiScore app? Bluetooth timers supported in the PractiScore app for Android

Though if you are planning to use Bluetooth timer for a personal practice, you may want to look at the PractiScore Log app. The PractiScore app is crafted for running and scoring matches, but practice is a quite different activity. PractiScore Log app info

Additional tips for troubleshooting Bluetooth connection.

First, make sure that tablet is not outdated, technically any tablet 2014 or younger will do. It needs to have Bluetooth 4.X, or 5.0 in specs. Also known as Bluetooth LE or BLE.

Second, make sure PractiScore app is updated to the most recent version.

Third, make sure that “Location Services” are enabled for PractiScore app. Basically in Android go to the System Settings / Apps / All Apps / PractiScore and make sure that permission for “location services” is enabled for this app.

Fourth, do not attempt to connect via standard Android bluetooth pairing utility, go straight to the PractiScore app. In there you need a match with at-least one stage and at-least one shooter.

Then choose “Enter Score” and keep advancing until you reach screen with shooters list on that screen, in the top/right corner will be three vertical dots icon, then a “Timer” menu which will prompt you to choose which currently active timer you want to link with this tablet, etc… The currently linked timer is shown in bold font. When linking with a new timer, tour timer need to be nearby and turned on.

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Just used Fire Toolbox to clean all the bloat off our Fire tablets (now, the only thing you can do with them is run Practiscore or swat bugs) and everything worked perfectly, except the BT to the timer. I was trying to find a logical cause and turning things back on and off with no success until I saw this.

Would not have thought to look at “location services” but it definitely has to be enabled, both system wide and for the app.

I highly recommend this as it’s pretty well doubled our battery life.

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