Altering hit factor Minor scoring from 5-3-1 to 5-2-1 in iPad

In addition to USPSA, Steel Challenge, etc. monthly matches, our club has been dabbling in our own “Carry Gun” matches. Hit factor scoring is used because we have the infrastructure in place for that, and everything is scored Minor. Since these are carry guns we are using I would like to encourage and reward greater accuracy of the hits, but I do not intend to use time plus scoring like IDPA.
My question is; Is it possible and/or easy to change Minor hit factor scoring to score on a 5-2-1 basis vs the 5-3-1 basis to encourage/reward greater accuracy? We currently use iPads to score matches. If this idea is easily achievable with tools currently available, then great. If this idea is not easily achievable then don’t worry about it, no worries.

We have a separate “hit factor” scoring template already in place. You can use that. When you enter or have shooters register, only allow them to select “minor” power factor. The app will automatically use the 5-2-1 point system using the hit factor option.

Thanks for the reply. I currently use the “hit factor” template when setting up our carry gun matches and everyone is to be scored Minor. But, I was under the impression that it was scoring Minor as 5-3-1 like for USPSA, not the 5-2-1 that I am wanting to use for this outlaw match. I want to score everyone’s hits on a 5-2-1 basis. Are you saying that by setting up a match using the “hit factor” template the oddball scoring of 5-2-1 is already in place?

That was a typo on my end. There is no way to change to 5-2-1.

Thanks for the info. That’s what I wanted to know.