Allow everyone to see who has registered for an Event (not Match relevant)

Is there a way to allow everyone to see who has registered for an “Event”?

I’m aware that other shooters can see who has squadded for a “Match”. My question is focussed on Events, as we use them for registering and capturing the attendance of our club members at our training events, and also limiting attendance to the number of people that the range space and time can reasonably accommodate. Our club members (not admins) would like to see who has already registered to attend.
Thanks in advance.

Hmmmm, Interesting.
In all the time no one has mentioned a viewable list. I will put it on a list of things to discuss at next weeks meeting.

Hi DJ, any update on this (planned, dropped, etc.) please?

It’s a good idea.
Unfortunately we will not be doing any Major site upgrades (of which this would be part of) until sometime next year.