All shotgun match

I plan to run an all shotgun match with knock over steel, slugs on paper, buckshot on paper, stationary and flying clays.
What would be a good format to use for registration and scoring…
I looked at IPSC Shotgun but that will not work…
It will be time plus scoring…
I saw a time plus choice but did not pursue it yet…
Thank you,
Lincoln Salvador

Time plus points is the best “do all” match type. We use it for shotgun only matches all the time.

I tried to build stages in time plus but could not find how to enter targets, penalties, no-shoots, stage time, etc
Help is appreciated…
Lincoln Salvador

@Lincoln_Salvador the timeplus scoring really means time + penalties and optionally minus bonuses. Time-based penalties and bonuses are defined for entire match (e.g. in the Android app it is at the bottom of the stage list screen) and you can only do so before scoring had started (see the match mode on the match editing screen “creation” vs “scoring”). After defining all penalties for the match you can enable/disable some of them for individual stages on the stage editing screen.

Basically this scoring is made to keep things simple and as such penalties are not recorded per-target. They are recorded per stage.

For example, many multi-gun rules require 1 hit at the center (e.g. A zone) or 2 hits anywhere on the target in order to call target “neutralized” and “failure to neutralize” (FTN) is a time-penalty, say +5 seconds. At the scoring they don’t specify which targets hasn’t been neutralized, they just add total number of FTN penalties for a stage.

If you want per-target scoring. The following match types support that:

  • HitFactor/USPSA/IPSC - points/time scoring. predefined points for ACDMNSP
  • ICORE - time scoring. predefined time penalties for ABCMNS and also custom editable time penalties/bonuses
  • Points Down/IDPA - time scoring. number of points down per target * points down time-penalty value you can specify in the match settings and also custom editable time penalties/bonuses

PS: the first two kinda allow to override predefined ABCMNS values, but we normally don’t do that for a one-off match

Thanks so much for the thorough response!

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