All scores not showing in club profile - "view all" button wrong

Hi, Im part of PRNSW - Precision Rifle NSW in Australia. When I search our club or visit as a followed club - I only see the list of match results from last year - I I hit the “view all” button it takes me to the search page for clubs. I know our scores are there as I can search the match page to find them no probs.

A bit frustrating


I think that I know what the issue is. Whoever is posting scores needs to either include the Practiscore ID when posting the match results -or- go to the results and click the ‘claim results for club’ button at the bottom. These are the two ways that the posted results can get associated with the club and show up in the match results for the club. If you posted the scores, it should be an easy fix to claim the results. Otherwise just get with someone from the club and they should be able to do it. I use these two techniques for our club to get the results associated.

Since you are not creating match registration on Practiscore the matches are not inherently tied to the club.
You can attempt Warrens suggestion or start registering for matches on Practiscore.