Advanced Squading options

Good Afternoon,

We are utilizing practiscore for team shooting events (SASP specifically). It would be great to have an option to see results by squad. For our utilization each team shots as a squad. We have team awards so would be nice to have a totals by squad.

Would also be nice to change squad #s to be the team name. not as critical as squad based scoring as we can look at squad number vs our list but would be a nice change.

@William_Noddin you can just assign teams to your competitors. Then use the regular team results. You can use group competitor editing to make these team assignment.

Thanks. Still trying to learn the details of this to roll out to our group. might have to run another practice match. I went back and loaded team names on the people and the results just show 0 time on the scores website after posting but app results work.

@William_Noddin you not sharing the whole picture… A link to some posted results or emailed match export file would give us something to look at.

Generally, for a time-scored match - all teams has to have at least N shooters. Where N is the “max team results” value set on the match editing screen.

Here is the same match in the App and uploaded to the website. Max team results are set to 4 in the match. It’s showing and calculating correct in the app but the uploaded results aren’t showing right for teams.

Looks like a bug in the 1.x iOS app. You can use Android 1.x app yo upload results or try the 2.x app.