Admin registration emails not being received

Hello, I’m not sure when but recently we’re not seeing the admin registration emails for new users signing up for matches. I’ve debug this and zoho (our mail forwarding agent) is not receiving any email from practiscore. I’m not seeing any email, including email marked as spam.
I’ve troubleshoot and registered for previous matches back when we were getting admin notification email, current open registrations and future registrations. Users get their registration email, but we’re not seeing the admin notification for them signing up.

Can you share the club info and which match you are having issues with.

link to the next open match exhibiting the problem.

Any thoughts? I just tested again and still not seeing an email.

I just sent an email to our members - I initially selected “include followers”. This email did not go through.
I sent the same email to ONLY our members and this did come through. I know that it was the 2nd one, because I added a note to the bottom that it may be a duplicate.

I have not received match management emails for the last two matches I have signed up for. My club is PAS…Prescott Action Shooters.



I would sure like to know why I stopped receiving match management emails after signing up for a match. Is this most likely a club issue or a practiscore issue.


Match management emails were repaired about a week ago.
If you’re not getting anything that was sent out since then you should start by contacting your match director.
If the match director deems it is broken they should contact us at that point.

DJ heres the next open match for my club that isnt sending email. I just tested and still not seeing admin email.

This is from our web administrator.

“Their email bounced us so instead of trying, and getting blocked we stopped trying. I removed the suppression so they should get emails again. If it fails too many times it will stop sending again.”

If the email system you are using continues to bounce it’s going to happen again.
Please confirm with/modify your system to accept our emails.

thank you DJ! That’s the info I need to work with our email provider. I have confirmed the work to remove the suppression has restored email service.

Still not getting the match management emails after signing up for a match. I signed up for the August 24 match on 20 August and received my payment receipt but not the management email from Practiscore. I checked with my friend who signed up for the same match and he got both emails. I have been with practiscore since you got started.

Sorry to be a pain,

John Shaw

Below is a screen shot of your inbox from your Practiscore account.
All emails sent from the PS system are also sent to this inbox.
Without me asking the webmaster this is the proof that all emails are distributed to the users email. Once we send them we cannot guarantee that a users email domain gets the email to them. As you are using gmail I would believe it is a setting in your gmail or somehow the PS system has been marked as spam in your gmail box.
Remember you can always check your Dashboard inbox for all admin emails.