Adding scores from Paper

When a shooter is added after the match begins and scores are transposed from paper to master tablet, to add hits on targets, the program requires me to fill out every target field. Is there a way to just add the total points down and approve? Its not often, but a pain when it occures.

There’s currently no way to just do a total. I’d suggest adding a few additional shooters (as numbers i.e., 0 101, 0 102, etc. ) for when this does happen and then changing the numbers to names before posting. Hope that helps you with a work around.

I’m somewhat puzzled about need for the paper. Is it used just for competitors who haven’t registered in time or for all competitors at the match?

For the former, there are several options in PractiScore apps to register competitors manually. Either on master and sync to scoring or registering “walk-ins” right on the scoring devices. The latter option is disabled in the match settings and can be enabled for a given match. There is an info related to walk-in support you need to read trough to make sure the app will be able to match walk-in competitor’s scores from multiple devices.

Well a mistake was made so we used paper score sheet for one competitor. But I have learned now to look for a walk on, on the scoring pads! Thanks!

There are also options to reshoot or reassign scores to other competitors or stages in case of mistakes.

E.g. see Where is the user guide?