Adding match thats missing from profile/dashboard

I shot the pntc fall 2 gun (place 29 Maatta R.) and its not showing up in my dashboard, how do I add my scores to my account?

Matches track to your dashboard based on the emails attached. You should reach out to the match director ask them to check on the master scoring tablet that the email listed for you is the exact one that you use for practiscore. He should change it if it is not and repost the scores.

I’ve been shooting matches consistently at West Shore for almost two years now and I still have not been assigned a class.
Last month, I brought it up and the match director confirmed my number.
I get their emails regularly so I know it’s not my email.

Any clue why I have not been rated?

Thanks in advance.

Please explain what sport you are talking about.
Class assignments are normally earned and this is handled by the sanctioning body not at all by Practiscore.
Your Match Director should be able to explain to you.

I checked your info and it looks like you are classified. To see your correct classifications, you should check and log in with your information. It looks like you are classified in 6 divisions.
If you are just looking at Practiscore results from your match at West Shore, I notice there is not a classification there. The problem with those classifications is that it can be whatever is entered when you register and may not match with SCSA unless the MD does update classifications in Practiscore when posting scores. I also noticed that your member number in the match results starts with A (for annual membership), and your actual member number starts with TY (for three year) - probably that is a change from when you did your last renew. That can be enough to cause the Practiscore update classifications to not update your classifications, and that is why in the match results you are listed as ‘noclass’.
The good news is that SCSA does in fact have your proper classifications. Next time you sign up for the match, be sure to use the TY at the beginning - and likely the classifications will be updated when they post the results.
As a match director, I typically go through and fix this for shooters (A, TY, FY, life membership - or shooters that I searched to be ‘noclass’). Some match directors that deal with a larger number of matches or more people may not provide this as a service, so if the member number does not exactly match - it will not get updated automatically.