Adding an outlaw stage to a default 8 stage match

At today’s match I wanted to give them something different for one stage. I used the default 8 stage template as usual and just renamed one of the stages and removed the check from the classifier box. I see now in searching that this is not recommended. The stage I modified I also changed to 2 dropped runs out of the five. Practiscore processed the stage just as I intended but when I uploaded to SCSA it changed the stage scores to just one drop. I’m assuming this is because I used the default 8 template. For my next match I plan to do the same thing and was wondering if I just delete one stage rather than modify one and just add the stage I want if the scores will process as I intend with 2 dropped runs on the extra stage. Has anyone done this?

Deleting and then adding a new stage is the correct procedure in PractiScore.

But you have to ask SCSA if they are able to correctly process more than one dropped run when you upload results there. Otherwise you can let your competitors to look at the PractiScore site for your match results.