Adding a 'Member Number' field to registration invalidates USPSA number

We thought it was our issue, but it happened again on a second match. We added a ‘Member Number’ field for participants to fill in if they are a club member, sort of our way of confirming the member discount. Once we import to the master, that field is being interpreted as the USPSA number instead of the actual USPSA number.

Is there a way (Or fix?) to be able to put additional member numbers in and have it not impact USPSA numbers?

@Brandon_Trask please provide some specifics, such as link to the registration page and what kind of master device you are referring to.

The website is defaulted to read and import only one "member number"and that is the default line item.
If you add a secondary member number as you have done you will be able to get a printout of it through the CSV export but it will not import into the scoring tablets.
If you’re trying to compare actual club member numbers to members that are getting a discount you’re going to have to use the CSV to back check what people actually sign up for.
This was never originally designed to list anything beyond a sanctioning body number. Anything you would like to do with a secondary member number is outside the realm of what the original design was for.