Added a new field onto the registration page but now I can't open it

I was just adding a “shirt size” field into the registration page but now when I try to open it, it gives me a “whoops, looks like something went wrong” error message. I deleted the field in hopes of the error going away but it doesn’t. Is there is a fix for this? This is a state match btw so I hope this is something that would be easy to fix…Lol

What match is it for?
Were you adding the shirt size field prior to registration opening or has registration already opened for the match?

For the 2022 Washington state IDPA championship. I added the field after registration has been opened. Currently have 158 people signed up.

Are you getting that error when you’re going back in the “Edit Registration Form” section or where?

Not on the club page. Starting from the Dashboard when I select the match to open up my registration page and attempt to click the blue button “Edit your info”, I get that error.

Dashboard > upcoming events > 2022 wa state idpa champs > “edit your info”

I had 2 other people try and it seems like it works for them…I will try removing myself from the match and re-adding myself.

I’m only seeing the issue on your and Lars’ registration. I’ll see if I can figure out why that’s happening. Was adding the shirt size to the registration, the only change/update you made since you and Lars registered?

Yes I believe so. It’s not that big a deal since Lars and I are staff, as long as all the competitors are able to edit their forms (I’m going to send out a mass email for everyone to submit their sizes later today)

I just tried importing the match to my iphone, android tablet, and ipad and it looks like everything imported correctly so you should be fine.