Add sanity check to times pulled from a Bluetooth timer

In a recent match timers with Bluetooth connectivity were used. Time was pulled from the timer. In general this worked great but there were some instances of incorrect times being pulled. The timer picked up another sound typically 3 to 4 seconds after the last shot. The ROs did not catch this and it wasn’t realized until well after the match was over when the shot logs were reviewed. Perhaps a sanity check could be added when the time is pulled? Say if the last split is over a threshold, perhaps 1 or 2 seconds a warning to validate the time could be given. Thanks!

That really is a timer mgt. thing and on the shoulders of the RO’s to manage. Trying to integrate some AI type of stuff is just asking for more trouble.

I considered this in the same vein as when PractiScore warns you that a time looks suspicious if it is time entered is low.

No Ai is required. It could be as simple as if the last split is greater than 2 seconds then flag a warning.

The only problem is what threshold is to select there to not have it very very annoying and it also very dependant from the specifics of a given sport, a stage and even competitors.

The Android app also shows you splits right on the review screen (though in a small font to not drag attention away from the official time and score). So, both RO and the shooter could review that before approving score.

Ah, I didn’t realize that the android version showed the last split on the screen. Will have to look for that. It would be good practice to review that each time. Thanks!

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Thanks! Does that summary show up on the approval screen? If so, the competitor could see it prior to hitting the approve button

That is the approval screen on Android.

Also note that you can drop some last splits in the time loaded from BT timer. See details at Bluetooth timers supported in the PractiScore app for Android.

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Also, you can tap one of the buttons on the front of the AMG timer and it will stop the timer from recording.

Having extra time was becoming a problem in Steel Challenge for us and once I got everyone on board about tapping to stop the clock, it solved our random shots problem.