Add radio button for online payment?

Our regular matches have a spectrum of pricing choices based on category, first gun, second gun, club member, or staff. With the current payment option in PractiScore you can only set a base price, and then a ‘discount’, which makes it not very clear what you are paying for. Can we have an option to put radio buttons that will either add or decrease a cost based on the users choice?

The way the check out system works is the line items are increasing or decreasing the original match fee. The MD needs to describe what the adjustments are. Choosing the second gun, for example, is going to give you a $10 discount, hence (-$10) Adding a T-shirt is going to add (+$20).
Currently this is the system we are using and most MD’s are happy to have the ability to offer multiple pricing adjustments.
We will record your suggestion to be looked at the next time the website gets a major overhaul.