Add new match button is missing
i am unable to perform as match director for this club. for some reason i am no longer able to see the add matcg button as the match director should be able to do. please help


I’m seeing it on my side when I login to your club. It’s on the right side of your dashboard.

it doesn’t show in my side. hence my request for help.

I just logged in under your account and am not seeing that club under your account hence why you can’t add a match. I only show you having access to Outlaw Promotions.

thats not right, i created both clubs, unless i am using th wrong email to login. can you say what the email address is?

There are two different clubs under that name one with 4 matches completed and one with 1 match.

There are two clubs for some reason.
The first one had matches only in 2019. The second one had no completed matches and only one steel match scheduled and then closed in 2020.
Both matches use the Tobago Gmail as an email address and have no additional administrators.
I need to know what to do with both of the clubs. I cannot see who created either of the clubs is that would be considered the owner of the club we will have to have one of our web administrators look at it tomorrow.
If you have or have had to practice our accounts then it’s possible those clubs are owned by that other email.
Each club is created via somebody’s practice or account and that person is the owner of the club.
We can determine the clubs owners tomorrow.

ok, thank you i see i have been using the wrong email. will try again. but is it possible to merge the two?