Add checkbox error. Edit "Categories Fiels: Preview"


I tray add new checkbox in categories field like Lady, Senior, super Senior etc. When I click on the “add checkbox” nothing it’s happened.
How resolve the problem?


Hi Wojciech!

Are you on a computer or ipad/android device?

I am using a computer :slight_smile:

There is a little bug that if you save a field with only one line item it will not let you go back in and add any more.
I can have a web guy delete the complete registration form for you and you can recreate it if you would like. That might be the quickest fix.
You you want that to happen please email me directly at [email protected].


I’m trying to delete a single line field from my registration form and it’s not letting me. Is this bug still a thing? I already have staff registered for the match. If we delete the registration form where does it leave me?

If you are trying to delete fields that were there at the beginning of the registration page some of them cannot be removed.

The registration form is large so I have a base match that I clone everything from. My staff is in that base match and then I include them in the cloned match.

I have a single field question that acknowledges our old Covid policy that I keep deleting from that base match, but it won’t go away. I just figured out I have a problem as I’m fighting with that question in a large match I set up that needs to go live in the next week.

Maybe you need to create a match from scratch. 🤷 We suggest no matches are cloned more than 2 months in advance because as the website gets updated it’s possible that certain things willl not work properly. Depending how old the clone matches I’m not surprised the registration sheets not working totally correctly. Take a look at this tutorial.

The match I clone is over a year old. It takes significantly longer than 4 minutes to setup a match from scratch when you start adding in waivers, line item discounts etc.

I’ll start a couple new matches from scratch :frowning: