Action Shooting International

I am a member of Renton Fish and Game but doesn’t let me add it as a club, I can only follow the club. Plus I noticed the other Groups have a place for their member number in the profile but ASI doesn’t so I have to manually add My ASI member number for each match I sign up for. Just curious when those might get added?

Thank you

You are currently “following” Renton Fish and Game club and ASI at Renton Fish and Game.
Either club is not using the membership function within Practiscore.
Adding a club means you are made an Admin of the club or a Match Director by the club owner.

As far as membership numbers. The options are for the largest sanctioning bodies in competitive shooting. USPSA, IDPA, IPSC, ICORE.
If a club requires a club member number it will have to be entered manually unless your club sets the reg form up the same all the time and then “possibly” your browser might autofill it. But that is just a guess.