Action required on stripe

I have just received this email from stripe, I have been using it with no problems until now. Since we don’t have a web site and just use Facebook and Practiscore to advertise our matches, I’m at a lose of what they are wanting, any help would be appreciated. Here is what they sent.

Hi Mark,
Thanks for using Stripe!
We’re writing to you because we’re unable to verify your business details based on the website that you’ve listed on your Stripe account:

We require that you list a completed and operational website, or an online presence for your business (such as a social media account), on your Stripe account so that we can verify what you’re selling. Unfortunately, if we can’t do this, we will eventually have to pause payouts to your bank account.

I’d suggest to add to your Facebook group About section some info like this: “non profit group organizing sport events”, “not selling ammo and firearms or components” or something like that. Then contact Stripe support for a followup - emphasize on sport events and no firearm sales.

Have you called them yet and talked to one of their reps? Use some of the wording that Eugene recommended. I also suggest that clubs say they are an event promoter and they are just collecting registration fees for events.

Thank You both for the suggestions, I just did go and add that info and forwarded the same back to Stripe. I will have to wait and see if that takes care of it. Mark