Accessing shooter emails

I need to access the shooter emails from a past match that I was a MD for. I can’t seem to find that feature.

What is the shooter email that you need to access? We at Practiscore, don’t like to give out personal information and other people access to accounts. If you give me the email I can fix what you are looking for.

Go to the club dashboard-next to upcoming matches, there is a link with your total matches. click that-Hit manage on the match you want-Approve/View-Email shooters

What I am wanting to do is access my email list from a past match that I created in 2019. That way I can send match links for our match this year.

okay. What is your email?

[email protected]
Thank you Jalise

And what match do you need to access?

2019 New Mexico Scorcher

The other email that was on the account at the time is [email protected]

Got it! Thanks so much