Ability to Unsquad all shooters

Good evening all,

I am assisting another Match Director who has just started using Practiscore.com. I have a couple of matches of experience but I am still learning. (Albeit I am pretty computer savvy.)

This Match Director has allowed self squadding but after closing squadding she has manually via export and excel manipulation) has changed the squadding fairly significantly. She has allowed 10 shooters per squad and has 12 squads (which are all pretty much full) and I now need to re-squad everyone.

My question is:
a) Is there a way to unsquad everyone and then just re-squad as needed? OR…
b) Can I take a CSV export of the match, edit it in excel and save as CSV and then upload it to Practiscore.com (basically overwrite the existing data)


  1. If you made online registration for match, you can go to Squadding Page, erase shooters from squadding table, and then manually add them to Squads. Start typing the name, and it auto-completes.

  2. If you want to use xls /csv, just delete whole squadding column. And input Squad number you need in those fields.

  3. You can also import all shooters in tablet/phone, (with or without Squad column) and do Squading from there.

1 and 3 work as @Vukasin_Gusic mentioned but 2 does not work. Putting squads in the csv file doesn’t automatically squad the shooters.

You’ll have to manually squad shooters or let them re-squad themselves.

but if registration is finished and he only needs to squad shooters, he can use number 2 from my post.
(it won’t be visible on website offcourse).
Export shooters to csv. and change or add number of squad in that column.
then import it into phone / tablet.

In all the times, I’ve imported a csv to a new match, the squad numbers don’t carry into the new file. I haven’t tried it with a current match that already has the shooters registered.

i dont know if we are talking about importing csv to phone / tablet or uploading to website?

because in this case im thinking of csv to phone/tablet

my idea was to edit csv and import to apk
like in this photos
squad 77 is the last squad.
re-squad some shooters to new squad -88
or any other…
and they appear in apk in that squad…
same procedure is to delete whole column, and imput manualy number for each shooter…

In my cases, I’m importing to website match, not phone/tablet.

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:+1: @Steph_Marie
so it’s only the difference;

  1. if he needs to re-squad shooters after match registrations is closed / finished, or
  2. he needs to re-squad and continue with registrations…

in any case -solved above :slight_smile:

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Yeah, it just depends on where they are at with their match registration.

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