Ability to push competitor / match changes from master to field devices

Would it be possible to push competitor / match changes from master device (located in stats office) to devices in field? This would be very handy in the beginning of match, as there may be many changes to competitors. This would also enable to spread information about e.g. disqualified competitor to field devices.

Currently, stats officer has to walk to stages (or otherwise connect them) and request them to download changes from the master device.

Thank you for your idea. Currently there is no way to institute a push system into the scoring application. So many things would have to be right on the club/range end that is not practical.
Having the stats person visit the bays or squads to sync changes is the best practices way to do things. It also allows the stats person to pull any results at that time to the master tablet.
I do it that way virtually every weekend.


We have WLAN networks on all major shooting ranges. This allows SO to pull results from stages without walking there. This way, SO gets results to master tablet with almost no delay.