Ability to export stats from matches for use as a data set

Hey guys, I want to use data from different stages to study efficiencies according to divisions, classes, and categories. I was wondering if this is already an option.

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Have you checked the PractiScore Competitor app? If it doesn’t provide analysis options you are looking for, please let us know.

I want the data for analysis in data visualization tools like Power BI and Tableau. I don’t want to do analysis on my phone screen when I can use a proper monitor.

What kind of analysis that would be and what kind of data you want to see on your big monitor?

I would like something like this also. I would love to have a raw datafile that I could import into my own database (not yet determined) to calculate stage performance match to match and compare over time. Competitor app will only allow comparison for a single match. I would like the ability to capture the match data and compare between matches without having to hand build databases from spreadsheet cells. First is it possible to export the match PSC from the practiscore website? Second if I have the match PSC file can it be converted to a standard database file to query desired fields?

Yet. But support for cross-match performance tracking is planned.

Short answer to all questions is no.

Well giving users access to the raw data would help clubs compile data for classifications. :frowning:

@Ty_Hamby giving raw data to everyone also creates liability

So then you just signed up to do enhancements as others can’t do them theirselves because of lack of access. What liability do you see? Don’t you have a user aggreement? Why can’t cowboys get the penalties and misses in separate columns not that hard to do? ACES has that and from my information some of your crew wrote that code as well.

This is not a liability issue that should prevent that access. Access to your data via an API is extremely common in tools like this. Yes, there would need to be planning for authentication and authorization, but no liability that doesn’t already exist just by hosting the data on the internal apps. To be honest, as someone who works in the Software Development industry, I’m both surprised and disappointed it does not already exist. From the surface, it would seem as it’s done to push you to buy the Competitor App, which if so that’s fine, but definitely missing opportunities.

There are a lot of examples in IT industry and it is a common trend that companies want to somewhat monetize on the data they are collecting vs. giving access to that data for others to process and benefit from. That includes both advertising and selling the data to 3rd parties. The latter is very hard to prevent when access to the data is giving through some API.

As for the Competitor app. If what you are suggested were the case - the app would have been a subscription based and not one-time purchase one.

That is not how it works. They could still monetize access, and API access is not a blank check to all the data. Just like in the App what you can see is based on what you are allowed to see depending on your access level. Accessing the API you would receive a key that would only allow you to your data, or your club or whatever the use case is.

Whether it is a one-time or subscription has no bearing on that decision, it’s monetized regardless of the monetization model.

Your idea of giving raw data to everyone is not a use case anyone suggested. Getting an individual or club access to their specific data, in a raw form is not everyone. You are literally suggesting there is added liablity by giving access to data they can already see via Practiscore via another delivery that gives them some analytical freedom. Id pay for that access and Im sure there are clubs that would too.

It was your idea and I don’t work on the website…

What you are describing is a model of a company/service, which monetize on the access of its data API. That is not the case for PractiScore and it would require substantial work to implement such API and then will require substantial effort and resources to maintain it and keep it secure.