Ability to delete "Custom Payment Due Date" from a club member profile

In the early days of club memberships in Practiscore, having a custom payment due date was really important, because we were importing lists of club members that had already paid. Now several years into it, these “Custom Payment Due Date” fields in the Practiscore membership database need to have the ability to get cleaned up (manually deleted one-by-one).

Because when downloading the member list to CSV, it shows only the custom due date (not the real due date). This is sort of a cross reference to the post about sending payment reminders to all members. The current workaround is to download the list to CSV, sort by due date and then use that to prepare the monthly reminder email.

What is the technical issue?
When you delete the “Custom Payment Due Date” field from a shooter’s member profile in Practiscore, and then click save. The screen refreshes (indicating a save), but the custom due date reappears.

Should we just eliminate the field altogether?
Preferably not. We do have some members that like to pay for 5 years at a time, and the custom due date is still relevant in those examples.

Thanks for your consideration! :slight_smile:

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