A Guide to Paying for a Match

A great option that Practiscore gives competitors is to donate to Practiscore for offering a free service to competitors. Some are confused by the amount to put in the donation box.

When you go to the checkout window on Practiscore. You will see an empty “0” box which is the Practiscore donation box. You enter the amount you want to donate to Practiscore. You do NOT include the match fee in this box. Depending on the match there could be extras like t-shirt, hat, or discounted match fee if you qualify. The total of the match fee, donation, and extras will appear at the bottom of the page.

You would then fill out your credit/debit card information for your payment method. Once you have your card number filled out and agree with the total, you would then register. After you register, wait for the match director to approve you to squad.

Good luck in all your endeavors and thank you for choosing to donate to Practiscore!

Green: Match Price

Red: Donation Price

Yellow: Total Price (match price and donation price)

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