A Guide to Getting The Best Answers To Your Questions!

We love answering all your PractiScore related questions and solving any issues you find! However, we do appreciate getting all the info you can give us as soon as possible, that way we can streamline the process, eliminate as much potential confusion, and get your issue solved quickly!

To start, please specify if you are needing help as either a competitor or a match director. This way, we know where we need to start to help you!

Then, please give us as many details about the issue as you can. We would rather get too much info regarding your problem than too little! We need to know exactly what the match and club names are that you are having issues with. Links and screenshots are always helpful! If you are not comfortable sharing the names of the match/club on a public forum, please feel free to either DM us with the issue or send an email with the information to [email protected].

For example, rather than posting this-
“I can’t register.”
Please post something along the lines of-
“I can’t register for the July Falling Steel Bash at Joe Bob’s Shooting Range! I am getting an error that says my registration timed out. I am using an iPhone XR on a Sprint network.”
This way, we can go directly to the club page for Joe Bob’s Shooting Range, and check that they have their information correctly set up on their July Falling Steel Bash!

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