2FA QR code image not shown during security registration

I want to add 2FA to my profile under the security option for 2FA. The QR code is not displaying but an image icon appears instead not allowing me to complete my 2FA code authentication by scanning a QR code with the Authenticator app. anyone experiencing the same issue?

the Google API call Practiscore does to ( chart[.]googleapis[.]com), is deprecated and no QR code is generated. I used (https://qrcode[.]tec-it[.]com/en/Raw) to generate a QR code to scan from the Practiscore 2FA code generated on the security page, and it worked for me. My 2FA is now enabled. qrcode[.]tec-it[.]com has API documentation that Practiscore can use to fix this issue.

Suggestion, maybe display the secret key generated, below the QR code, so customers can input that directly into an authenticator application as a backup method when signing up for 2FA.